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Is Sushi Good For bodybuilding? The Truth

  • Austin 

Whenever it comes to cheat meals or getting enough food for the day, a lot of bodybuilders have mixed opinions. 

Even when it comes to sushi, you might get mixed answers from each bodybuilder you talk to.

So, is sushi good or bad for bodybuilding?

The Good

  • Contains omega 3s which can help lower inflammation
  • Good source of all macros: protein, carbs, and fats
  • High in sodium, can help with bulking

Sushi can be good for bodybuilding if its eaten properly. Since it has rice, fish, and ingredients like avocado it can be beneficial for macros and nutrients. There is plenty of good in sushi which can make it healthy and beneficial for bodybuilders. Other foods high in macros can also be good, like raw eggs for bodybuilders.

However, there is more to understand about sushi relating to bodybuilding.

The Bad

  • High in sodium
  • Easy to eat too much sushi
  • Typically lower protein than other meals

Does Sushi Fit Your Bodybuilding Macros?

The real answer to this question is if sushi fits within your daily macros or not. You should be eating to meet your macro needs for whether you are bulking or cutting. If you want a personalized plan to eat sushi see more information about my fort worth bodybuilding coaching or my online fitness training fort worth, tx.

So keep in mind that it will be hard to track exact macros for a random sushi roll you get at a restaurant. It might be easy to track something with a nutritional label – in which case you can eat it as long as it aligns with your plan.

Does Sushi Fit Your Bodybuilding Meal Plan?

This is the other side of the coin to the macro question. Typically you’ll be on macros or a meal plan. Is sushi on your meal plan for bodybuilding? I bet the answer is no. In which case no, you should not eat it regularly.

However, you may have a cheat meal in which you can eat other foods off of your meal plan. In that case sushi can be a good choice for you. It’s certainly much better than other options.

Is Sushi A Good Cheat Meal For Bodybuilding?

Yes, sushi can be a good cheat meal for bodybuilders.

You can eat sushi both pre-workout and post-workout since it has all 3 macros (depending on what type of sushi you eat).

Keep in mind the best sushi for you is going to be sushi that is high in protein (rolls containing fish, eggs, or other protein sources) and rolls that aren’t super high in fat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sushi For Bodybuilding

Is Sushi Good For Getting Lean?

No, because of the typical low protein in sushi. Sushi is not usually high in protein because of the ingredients ratio. Fish is a great source of protein, but if you mix it with other ingredients and have less fish, the roll has a lot more negative things to take into consideration.

Is raw fish good for building muscle?

Yes, lean fish is excellent for building muscle because of the high protein count. You’ll want to make sure you’re eating enough of it to build muscle properly. Fish also contains nutrients and vitamins that help your body recover from a workout.

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