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Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Raw Eggs

  • Austin 

Should you eat raw eggs to gain more muscle or be a bodybuilder? The truth is you don’t need to. In bodybuilding, raw eggs are either added to shakes or eaten by themselves (usually by “drinking” them) to add more protein into your diet. 

Let’s go over the main reason why bodybuilders eat raw eggs.

Myth: Raw Eggs Give Protein Faster

This myth may have gotten popular after Rocky was chugging them in the movie, Rocky.

Some people believe that raw eggs deliver protein to muscles faster than cooked eggs or other sources of protein.

The truth is, raw eggs won’t deliver protein any faster to the body than cooked eggs (or any other protein source) and they can be hard to digest. The reality is, most people will take longer to digest raw eggs than cooked eggs. 

With all this being said, it is still common practice to add raw eggs to smoothies or shakes for added benefit. Raw eggs can be helpful for bulking or adding in more protein when needed.

Myth: Raw Eggs Are Better For Muscle Building

Eggs should be considered a superfood based on how many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they contain. This is the case whether they are raw or cooked.

In truth, raw and cooked eggs have slightly different nutritional benefits. Cooked eggs actually are better for protein generally than raw eggs.

This is mostly due to the fact that we cannot digest raw eggs nearly as well as we can digest cooked eggs. So even though raw eggs may have more protein in theory, our bodies have evolved to digest cooked food and not raw food.

Myth: Raw Eggs Are 100% Safe To Eat

It’s generally good advice not to eat raw eggs because of salmonella risk. Even with perfect washing procedures, it’s still possible to get salmonella from raw eggs which could make you very sick.

Tips for Safe Egg Storage and Consumption

  • Buy pasteurized eggs
  • Wash eggs before breaking them
  • Break eggs cleanly into a separate bowl
  • Keep eggs refrigerated until needed
  • Break eggs cleanly into a separate bowl
  • Avoid eggshell fragments falling into the bowl
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer after handling raw eggs

You can eat the eggshell if the eggs are cooked, but you wouldn’t want to eat the shell if you’re consuming eggs raw.

Truth: Cooked Eggs Are Better For Protein Intake

Our bodies absorb up to 90 percent of the protein in cooked eggs instead of only 50-60% in raw eggs. Similarly to raw fish vs. cooked fish, read more about how sushi is good for bodybuilding.

The second biggest difference is that our bodies can only absorb biotin, an important vitamin, from cooked eggs. This is because raw eggs contain avidin that prevents biotin from being absorbed. During the cooking process, avidin is removed from the eggs allowing us to absorb the biotin remaining in cooked eggs.

Conclusion: Eat Eggs Cooked or Raw

To finalize, you don’t need to eat eggs raw, you can cook them. It’s recommended to cook them since raw eggs are gross.

So unless you want to be slonking 3-6 raw eggs daily, you should just cook them on the stove like a normal person does.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bodybuilders Eating Raw Eggs

Is eating raw eggs good for muscle building?

Yes, raw eggs are good for muscle building. There are a few risks to be aware of but whole eggs whether raw or cooked can stimulate muscle growth and repair. 

What are the benefits of drinking raw eggs?

Eggs contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help your eyes, your heart, and your muscles.

Do raw eggs increase testosterone?

Yes they can. Since eggs contain protein, cholesterol, vitamin D, and omega-3s, all of which are known to aid in the production of testosterone – they most likely can help you produce more testosterone.

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